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Arjen van den Berg

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Musical technology has developed and changed in tandem with the computer.  This has resulted in the rise of a new genre of techno- musicians who love to establish hard driving grooves punctuated with mind bending synthesizer leads and special effects.  They are the dance gurus of the new century.  They engage our minds and our bodies in a communal techno-speak that assumes various monikers.  To some it is known as "trance", to others it is "disco", and still others call it "ambient".  What ever it may be call it still has the same effect. It makes us move.  

Arjen van den Berg has been producing mind and body moving music for a number of years.  His project, "The Paradigm" sports a host of excellent and memorable tracks.  As you read Arjen's responses to the CreatorsWeb interview questions you will get inside his head just a little and feel the groove from the inside.  Be sure to check out his work at

Music Style And Audience

    How do you classify your music?

Probably as dance music. This is a broad stream that covers most of the "house" style. I particularly like to produce trance, disco-house and lounge tracks

    Do you target a specific audience?  If so, who?

 I think that electronic music is for a specific audience anyway. But within this style I aim to be as broad as possible. I simply like to produce any electronic style, from lounge to gabber music!!

Musical Instruments - Recording - Computer Hardware - Software

    What musical instruments do you play?

        Piano (and sampler, if that is an instrument!!, it is an art though!)

     Do you record in a home studio?


      What equipment and software do you use? 

I use a PC, Hardware: Midiman, Yamaha SW1000XG, DSP Factory, Sblive!, Terratec EWS64XL, Proteus 2000,     Yamaha CS1x, Roland VS-840EX, Roland JV-80, Trinity, Access Virus, Tannoy Reveals, Behringer desk Software: Cubase SX, T-racks, Wave Gold collection, Kontakt, Spectrasonics, and about 120 sample cds

Musical Background -Influences

    How did you get started playing music?

I was lucky, because when I was 17 I had the opportunity to work with Hugo Langras (now a days famous from the Dutch dance-act Klubbheads). He spent a lot on the latest technology, which gave me the opportunity to find out more about what was possible in the midi world. Later when midi was available on pc and the first midi-keyboards appeared, I was definitely one of the first investing in this.

    What has influenced your music the most?

Obviously technology but also artists like Paul van Dyk, Energy 52, DJ Jean, Klubbheads, Groove Amanda, Amsterdam and London Club scene. 

Music And Internet Marketing

    How has the Internet effected you as a musician?

This gave me many extra hits, and people visited my site who otherwise never would have found me. Hence the internet already showed there power to me. Obviously there are many artists who will not find their way to the public on indie sites. Simply lost in the crowd. The internet can also give these artist the attention they deserve. The thing about is that there are so many artists, it is very difficult to distinguish. I hear so many good tracks on and this does not mean these tracks are positioned well in the charts

    When did you start marketing your music on the Internet?

In 1998 I setup my site on The active promotion of this site started early 1999. Mostly through sending cds to radio stations, communication with other artists, signing up with NMA promoters etc.

    What has been the most effective way to market your music on the Internet?

Exposure in one way or the other. Highlights include my success on (well over 1.5 mln downloads!). Since I put the music together with my friend on the internet in 1998 I had so many emails, positive feedback, downloads, plays etc. that it really stimulates me to make better tracks. Thanks to the publicity on I had several other record deal offers, some tracks are used in commercials and one track (Locomia) is now the programme tune of ‘pop-idol’ in Sweden. Besides that it helped me to two record deals. I do a lot of off line promotion as well. Send my CD to as many radio stations possible, who in one way or the other can give some free publicity, or just to get critique in order to improve tracks. Besides, I have the advantage that I have been around on for some while. I set up a network and database of well over 10,000 fans, artists or other people who contacted me in the past that gives the extra push ones in a while.

Musicians And The Future

    What does the future hold for you?

Some current commercial developments seem to work in my favour. I hope to produce much, much more!!

    Finally, is there anything else you want to say about yourself?

Started writing in the early 90s on a commodore Amiga. First tracks were very simple. Especially the improvement of technology gave me the inspiration to make better tracks. In October 1999 I wrote several tracks together with a friend for a period of two years. Over time, this has resulted in many different tracks and styles. The fans are the reason of my success. That is what it is about. I love to get any feedback about my tracks. As an artist you always imagine the "what if" this tune is played in a club. It is so nice to get feedback from fans who communicate this feeling and explain the drive you aimed for during the production.

Our latest album OVERDRIVE! is now available!  The Paradigm

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