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Soma Mestizo

A "body of mixtures" aptly describes the eclectic sound of this group of artists.  Although "artist" is the title given to virtually every recording musician these days, the case could be made that precious little of the music recorded today is actually art.

However the work of Soma Mestizo ranges into that lofty realm. Certainly any band that makes more than novelty use of the didgeridoo has to be making something of an artistic comment.    

Singer/Poet, Christiane D, weaves stylistically around the jazzy rhythmic grooves and sound-beds established by the groups players.  The players include the band's founder, guitarist-percussionist Soy Sos,  Eric "Booboo" Mason plays didgeridoo and the groups drummer is Skilah.

There is a addictive trance/ambient/world beat character to their music.  The trance like ambience that this group incorporates very wonderfully facilitates the unique harmonic ideas and poetry of Christiane D in songs like "Baby Blue" and "Earthly Delights".  The result is a compellingly sensual aural delight.

The group successfully melds post-modern "techno" darkness with the acoustically organic simplicity of ethnic instrumentation.  It is a trans-genre art form that mature music lovers will consider a "must have" for their collections.

Soma Mestizo CDs can be purchase on the groups official website:

Music Style And Audience

    How do you classify your music?

It begins with an indescribable shrug, and a flow of
words.4th world organic electro socio-political voodoo
funk rock; a challenge to one's musical paradigm, to
say the least. We call it: Deep Dark Sexy. We have
been together for over 6 years and the initial
response from some new listeners to our sound is:  "I
don't know what it is your doing, but, I feel sucked
into a vortex, What the hell do you call that music,
At first I didn't like it.but I can't stop listening,

    Do you target a specific audience?  If so, who?

Dreamers, thinkers, lovers, warriors, artists,
techies, movers and shakers, all around and everyday
people.In all honesty, we don't really target a
specific audience, we are aware that our musical
approach and performance is a special brew, it either
reaches through and strokes the chords of your marrow
or it doesn't. And that is what we are aiming for,
reaching our audience, our music seeping through the
flesh, the sub conscious to the very soul of the mind.
But hey, the record industry has proven that with the
right marketing and overblown budget, you can have any
audience make you a multi-millionaire. (Sorry,
couldn't resist a dig)

Musical Instruments - Recording - Computer Hardware - Software

    What musical instruments do you play?

My name is Christiane D and I am the singer/songwriter
for SOMA MESTIZO. I see my song/poetry as a conduit
for the energy and emotion of the story, the song. I
go, without protest or inhibition, wherever the song
drives me. If that means intoning guttural sounds like
an animal, cave like sadness of a Indian shaman, or
moaning an orgasm like a 15th century Japanese
courtesan, I do it as if it were me.  The song is the
play and each of us plays a character in the movement.
Empathy and clarity is the dark tunnel we walk through
to get to the light.

     Do you record in a home studio?

We record a lot of our records at Soy Sos's studio. It
is in his home but fully professional.

      What equipment and software do you use? 

Check Soy Sos's web site, and look under, equipment
list under "about TSR" on web site.
Basically Macintosh running Digital Performer
With Waves and Pluggo
Mackie 32.8
Lots of mics, effects, compressors, eq's, amps,
samplers, synths and any other gizmo that will mangle
an audio signal!


Musical Background -Influences

    How did you get started playing music?

Like most wonderful things that happen in my life, my
start seemed purely accidental, but considering my
childhood in retrospect, which was filled with the
sounds of my Father banging out Jazz on his piano, I
can now say it is probably in my blood.  Though I am
trained as a visual artist, I never really felt
completely satiated, unless music was simultaneously a
part of the process. Sound and vision are
interchangeable, while feeding each other.
I started out playing bass in a thrash punk band, sang
backup up for Liz Berlin's (of Rusted Root) side
project, to my present, true love, Soma Mestizo.

    What has influenced your music the most?

I never know how to answer this. Influences are like a
great pot of soup to me, which I eat and it nourishes.
But I will try. What influences me the most is the
freedom I feel working with my band mates, Herman "Soy
Sos" Pearl, Eric "Boo Boo" Mason, Richard "Skilah"
Gartner (yeah, I'm the only one without a nickname);
Zen Buddhism, trances, the fellowship I was awarded
from the Pennsylvania Council on the arts for
World/Jazz composition, traveling (Alaska, Utah,
Arizona, Colorado, Seattle, Paris, Switzerland, blah
blah) sci-fi, and access to the incredible horizon of
world music.Cesaria Evora, Cheb Mami, Nusrat Fateh Ali
Khan, Femi Kuti, to name a few

Music And Internet Marketing

    How has the Internet effected you as a musician?

Well, recently a producer, record executive of
Indigenous Records, stumble upon our site and called
me at midnight from Greenland to see if we would
collaborate on a project involving Asian Dub
Foundation, Producer Adrian Sherwood and Chuck D. All
music files were sent over the net. This was our first
trans-Atlantic participation in a recording project.
Participating in this project has definitely opened so
many possibilities of collaboration and creating music
over the web with other like-minded musicians.

    When did you start marketing your music on the Internet?

The moment we launched our web site was the beginning
of thinking beyond the traditional approaches of
marketing, but I have only recently begun to take it
more seriously. The recent important connections made
through CD Baby,, Gig America, and the
many hours of Net searches has definitely helped to
change our paradigm and reach more audiences,

    What has been the most effective way to market your music on the Internet?

To selectively respond to and take advantage of almost
every opportunity there is available to the Indie
musician. Whatever I have wanted to find and submit
to, I have found on the web. But I think the best way,
has been getting our music on various Internet radio
stations and getting reviews from Internet music zines
and sites. I just got us a Sonic Bids epk and the
Indie Bible, which just has me floating on a
promotional high.

Musicians And The Futur

What performance venues are you currently exploring?

Anything outside the city of Pittsburgh, which if it
loses one more venue, I think I'm going to launch a
citywide protest.  Regardless of the city politics,
our focus is on stretching out regionally; there's the
Grog Shop, 123 Pleasant Street, The Five Spot, Black
Cat, etc. at the moment we are creating a tour package
with our favorite band, Ouve calling it the Ouve Soma
Soma Ouve groove tour.

        What does the future hold for you?

With several high profile collaborations,
international releases, video, and comic book, we will
gain more and more ground and finally be able to stick
the purple platform boots in the door. On to Europe
and Japan for a tour and then, just maybe, we all can
make a living doing what we love, making and
performing our music.  But really, what does the
future hold? more hard work, perseverance and thick
skin. GO, GO, GO, young fools, go!!!

    Finally, is there anything else you want to say about yourself?

No, I think I am done. Thanks. Love and peace to all.
Christiane D


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