Robin O' Acoustic Blues, Gospel and Original Music

"Acoustic Blues and Gospel" is a simple moniker that brings to mind traditional values and perhaps more significantly it brings to mind a style of living slightly removed from the chaos of contemporary urban existence.  

Indeed, the fingerstyle guitar work and the soulful singing of Robin O'Herin has the remarkably transcendent quality that enables listeners to rise above the cares of the world and exist, if only for a moment, in the perfectly ordered realm of the "Blues". 

O'Herin, like all great blues singers, touches us at the core of our being.  Through her words, her playing, and the artfully elongated blues notes that she sings, O'Herin speaks a language we all know and understand.  She strikes us right where we live and miraculously, perhaps angelically, takes us to a better place.

Part of O'Herin's magic comes from the fact that her music is steeped in musical, cultural and national history and tradition.  Her music has mostly been shaped by contemporary blues and folk masters like Leadbelly,  Mississippi John Hurt, Bessie Smith, Blind Willie Johnson, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Leo Kottke.

As you read her responses to the CreatorsWeb interview questions below you will see that O'Herin appreciates the richness of her musical and cultural heritage and considers herself on mission to preserve that history through her performances.  

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Music Style And Audience

    How do you classify your music?

Acoustic blues and gospel, and fingerstyle guitar

    Do you target a specific audience?  If so, who?

I think I have three very different target audiences. The first is composed of Christians who are tired of typical hymns and contemporary worship music. The second is composed people who like early blues and fingerstyle guitar. And the third group is composed of just regular people who may not have a lot of musical expertise, but enjoy fun, heartfelt music with a folk/blues feel.

Musical Instruments - Recording - Computer Hardware - Software

    What musical instruments do you play?

       Acoustic and resonator guitars, mountain dulcimer.  For equipment it depends on the venue. I have a Samson 8-track powered mixer and speakers with stands, an old massive monitor, three or four s57 mics with boom stands, also a fender acoustic amp for smaller spaces and a battery powered crate amp.

     Do you record in a home studio?

        Only for practicing.

      What equipment and software do you use? 

I have a Roland 8 track recorder which I donít use much because it isnít compatible with my Macintosh computer system, and a small minidisk recorder which I use a lot for practice and learning new material. I donít really do my own recording, although I am familiar with a lot of software. I have recorded my CDs in professional studios which run Macs and use either Pro Tools or Digital Performer.

Musical Background -Influences

    How did you get started playing music?

I started learning guitar when I was a young teen in the 60ís folk revolution.

    What has influenced your music the most?

Very early blues and gospel music, as well as innovative fingerstyle guitar music which combines baroque, classical, folk and blues.

Music And Internet Marketing

    How has the Internet effected you as a musician?

It is a great resource for marketing, finding venues and keeping in touch with my fans, as well as a cost effective way for sending out press kits.

    When did you start marketing your music on the Internet?


    What has been the most effective way to market your music on the Internet?

Musicians And The Future

    What does the future hold for you?

        I would like to expand into playing festivals, house concerts and more church-oriented concerts.

    Finally, is there anything else you want to say about yourself?

I love what I doóI feel that it is a gift. I also feel that it is important because I am preserving a part of our historyóyou donít hear about this kind of music much, many people havenít been exposed to it, and I try to incorporate history into my performances. I am working on a Blues in the Schools Presentation that tells about the roots of blues and gospel and the history of the people that created it.

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