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Artist – Preeta
Album – In This Moment
Style – Pop/Alternative

Review: By Ken Mowery


Very few albums that I review actually make it into my personal play list.  Preeta’s CD, “In This Moment” not only made it to the personal list, but every song on this recording receives frequent repeat plays. 

This project perfectly melds message and method in that the believably relatable but catchy lyrics work seamlessly with the melodic content to generate an excellent groove that moves both body and soul.

 From the beginning track which is titled “Another’s World”, listeners are gently pulled into the pilgrimage of a self-actualizing artist who has learned to see and to say the truth about herself, her world and her loves.  This well crafted opening song heralds the awakening of one who has begun to see the value of their own life.  Concluding with the declaration that it is “time for me to live my own life”, this track sets the thematic course for the CD and leads wonderfully into the free flowing calypso of the next song, “Good Enough” with its uplifting, if not completely revolutionary manifesto.

If I was forced to isolate one favorite song, “Good Enough” would be it.  The bluesy reggae groove of this song offers its own sonic reward.  Additionally, the lyrical hook “No need to try to be someone else...” resonates with anyone who has ever felt pressured to be less than genuine.  There is something very enabling and empowering when Preeta declares at the end of this tune, “You’re good enough.”.

 The third song, which is the title track, slows the pace slightly from the upbeat proclamations of the first two recordings.  Preeta’s songwriting prowess continues to shine with this song’s unreserved honesty and vulnerability.

“On My Own Again” is also a favorite.  This syncopated, blues, rock, jazz fusion original is way catchy.  Multiple spins in the CD player are warranted with this great tune.  Like all of the other songs on this CD, there is as much pleasure to be gained from reading the lyric as there is in listening to the well produced music.

The generally upbeat and optimistic tone of the project continues on the fifth track, “It’s Okay”.  Preeta’s songwriting skill is nowhere more evident than in this song, although it is not necessarily the best song on the CD.  The tight and punchy lyric fits flawlessly with the melodic contour of the song.  This makes listening easy, relaxed and enjoyable from both the musical and lyrical stand point.

 “Right Now” might be the song which best demonstrates the vocal chops this artists possesses. Although the next song, “To Be Loved” is filled with far ranging vocals as well.  The quality of Preeta’s song writing coupled with her excellent vocal abilities serve to make her an artist that will garner an ever widening and loyal fan base.

In the next to last track, “Rise Above” Preeta proves to be a talented multi-instrumentalist playing the piano to accompany her vocal track.  “Sacred” closes the CD with a pleasantly acoustic calm under girding yet another stellar vocal performance by Preeta.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph I really enjoyed “In This Moment” and give it the highest marks and recommendation.  It was masterfully produced and mixed by Brian Reeves.  There are all around solid performances by all the players which include; Tom Kolb and Shane Alexander on electric and acoustic guitars, Jorgen Carlsson and Josh Daum on bass, Michelle Mangione, Joe Fulginiti, Gerrit Stryker and Josh Grolemund on drums.  And, of course, Preeta on acoustic guitar, piano and vocals.

Go get this CD and enjoy!

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