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There is an eclectic breadth to the music of Ron Silverlight which explains in part why his "MyndsEye" project moves you on so many different levels.   Upon first encounter the astute listener recognizes that this music has been well produced by a master craftsman.   Ron's music education, his proficiency on a number of musical instruments, and his appreciation of the full spectrum of musical styles, enables him to make music that transcends genre classifications.  

He builds what he aptly calls a "wall of sound" which is technically flawless without needless sonic clutter.  The result is a musically solid framework around which he fashions complex and enjoyable melodies, moods, and grooves that both move the body and engage the mind.  In short this is "feel good" music.

As you read Silverlight's answers to the CreatorsWeb interview questions you will see that this independent artists has come of age.  He has successfully mastered the technology which empowers him to produce and publish his MyndsEye music and the rest of us are greatly enriched because of it.  Avail yourself to the MyndsEye magic at

Music Style And Audience

    How do you classify your music?

That's a tough question.  I guess I have not classified it.  I don't think I am "stuck" in one particular genre rather I compose based on my "mood" at the time.  I never know where a tune will take me when I start.  Usually I wind up at the other end of the spectrum as to where I intended to be by the time a tune is completed.  This happens because I record and compose in "real time".  No computer.  No store bought loops.  Its just me and my instruments.  What usually happens is that I start out with a beat, a "feel", that I  like.  Then I just fool around with some chord progressions until something strikes my "fancy".  Then I attempt to come up with some sort of melody (preferably with some kind of "hook").  When I find something I can live with, I lay down a few simple tracks and start to build the tune one track at a time in "real time".  The problem is that if I take a break and come back in a few hours or the next day to continue my mood is different and the tune morphs into something slightly different from what the original thought was.  This happens through-out the compositional stages.   I never know what I'll end up with.  It usually turns out nothing like what I had originally intended to do.


    Do you target a specific audience?  If so, who?

No, I don't target anybody or any group.  I compose for myself first and hope others will enjoy.  I try to keep my tunes light; meaning that I usually try to keep the vibe, fun, upbeat and positive in nature.  If I can get the listener in a happy mood,  or even in just a "mood" with one of my moodier compositions, or get them to tap their foot or bob their head to the song, or just lay back and relax, well then, as far as I am concerned, my music did it's job. I touched at least something within that person with my music.  I would like to think that my music would and could span the ears of all ages from the preteen to the old and decrepit.  I feel that my music is so varied in style, feel and groove that my songs could very well span the age gap.

Musical Instruments - Recording - Computer Hardware - Software

    What musical instruments do you play?    

Actually, I am able to play many different instruments to one extent or the other.  I received my B.A. in Music Education from Heidelberg College in Tiffin Ohio. It is an affiliate school of Heidelberg in Germany.  As a music major in college I was required to at least read and play almost all of the major instruments including all strings, percussion, brass, woodwinds, keys.  I had to demonstrate the ability to teach the basics of these instruments in the school systems.  My major instrument has always been the trumpet.  Its a little known fact on the internet because I really do not use the trumpet in my internet compositions.  I use mostly keys for the music on the internet.

     Do you record in a home studio?     

Yes.  The conditions I have to record under are totally ridiculous.  I can't imagine anyone putting up with how I have to compose and record.  It truly amazes me that I am able to get any kind of work out at all based on what I have to do to complete a single song. I won't get into details other than to say "it ain't pretty" .

      What equipment and software do you use? 

I use a Korg D8 digital 8 track recorder to record.  Most of my songs average between 15 and 30 tracks.  I have become the "king of bounce".   I do have a Korg D1600 digital recorder still in the box for almost 3 years now because the manual is like an inch think and I am a technical dummy.  so I stick with my little D8 and stay within my comfort zone.  at least I can spend my time productively with the D8 and can get my tunes completed with a minimum of headaches.  

Musical Background -Influences

    How did you get started playing music?

It all started for me when I was 8 years old.  trumpet was my choice.   It was my first instrument and I stuck with it for the following 44 years. Yes,  I am 52 now; an old bastard I am.  My two brothers are extremely gifted musically.  They are actually some of the heavies in the "biz".  There is no doubt that you have listened to their compositions and probably listened to them on their instruments many times in your life.  You probably would not know that because they do a lot of studio work for top notch artists.  My brothers are a whole different story possibly to be discussed at a later date.


    What has influenced your music the most?

Obviously my two brothers have influenced me.  I have been influenced by just about everything out there from the classical greats like Beethoven and Bach to the great acts of the late 1950's and 60's.  Of course, the Beatles and groups of that era.  The great "horn" bands of the 70's, like Chicago, Average White Band, Earth, Wind and Fire.  All the disco and dance bands of that era.  From the rock and punk of the 90's to the present, including hip hop.  I'm always listening and always being influenced.  It never ends.  This is why my material on the net is so varied.  I am not "stuck" in one particular genre.


Music And Internet Marketing

    How has the Internet effected you as a musician?

It's given me the opportunity to suffer!   Ha!  I'm just kidding.  Without the Internet music sites to host my music, I probably wouldn't have taken the time to write and record 50+ songs.  I would have missed out on the pleasure of musical production for the purpose of trying to bring a little joy into the life of the listener. 

    When did you start marketing your music on the Internet?

It all started for me back in 1999 with MP3.COM.  Plain and simple.

    What has been the most effective way to market your music on the Internet?

Word of mouth and networking on the net. I do not belong to a "label".  I do not having tons of available cash for promotion.  One has to use ingenuity to get the word out and to try to drive traffic to ones music page. Of course, artists supporting artists is a great way to get started on the net.  Eventually, hopefully, your listener-ship will grow to non-artists or the general public.  You build exposure and ultimately CD sales come from that exposure. It takes a lot of hard work and time promoting yourself, but if you keep "pluggin" away good things do eventually happen.


Musicians And The Future

    What does the future hold for you?

I'm always working on new compositions.  I'm always looking for additional licensing and publishing deals.  Most importantly, I'm always promoting and driving traffic to my music page.  One never knows who might be listening that can offer a great opportunity in the music world.

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