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Artist: Marianne Pillsbury

CD: The Wrong Marianne

Home: New York City

Style: Alt Pop

Review: By Ken Mowery

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Marianne Pillsbury's debut CD is pure rock and roll fun, if not an absolutely outrageous and clever treatment of otherwise trite and stale themes such as life, love, sex and sadness.

Pillsbury's songs present a delightful mix of mature aloofness and edgy adolescent anger. She comes off as a young woman who is coming to terms with her own shortcomings and who is well versed in the dangers and pitfalls of trying to find meaningful relationships in a less than perfect world.

The music is hip and catchy with a fair measure of overdriven guitar work, which is offset by an occasional retro 60's pop feel. This, coupled with the little girl thinness of Pillsbury's alluring voice, creates a fresh sound with trans-generational appeal.

However, its Pillsbury's lyrics that set this CD apart. Through the witty sarcasm of "Boo Hoo (Somebody loves me!)" and the controlled rage of ugly break up songs like "Unintentional," Pillsbury proves herself capable of delivering hard hitting messages that can be both humorous and poignant.

There is enough brash irreverence to Pillsbury's style that fans may experience the sense of impending danger felt when you're doing something you know you shouldn't do. At the very least, there is a sense of excitement knowing that she is capable and willing to say just about anything at any moment. This CD may confront listeners with The Wrong Marianne, but in the end, we will all agree that is was the right CD to add to our collections.

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