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John De Boer    

You can hear the voice of many ancients in the music of John De Boer as he plays the Native American flute.  De Boer's approach to composing and performing accommodates the spiritual dimension of music.  He employees an artistic note bending technique on his flute that wrenches the soul of the listener and blends the melodic contours of his songs with the joys, triumph, and tragedies common to the heart of all men.

As you read his responses to the CreatorsWeb interview questions you will discover that for John De Boer music is not simply a talent or skill developed, but music is in his own words, "everything I am not just something I do,".

You can purchase John's recording "Flute Songs For A Blue Moon" on Oyate Music Group Recordings at 

Music Style And Audience

    How do you classify your music?

 It is very hard to classify. It has a wide range depending on the time, who I'm playing with, what venue I'm in, what part of my career you tapped into, etc.    
Music is everything I am not just something I do. When I'm playing music I feel I am the most spiritual I will ever be on earth. My music is spiritual to me, but I wouldn't classify as religious.  

    Do you target a specific audience?  If so, who?

I have found that my audience age range is from 6 to 86 women and men the same, but I have noticed that as a whole I think they are open minded and above average intelligence.

Musical Instruments - Recording - Computer Hardware - Software

    What musical instruments do you play?

       I play the Native American Flute, Piano and actually every instrument in the Orchestra a little. I have a degree and I am certified by the state to teach music. They require you learn how to play a scale on all the instruments.  

     Do you record in a home studio?


      What equipment and software do you use? 

Mostly Native American Flute and Grand Piano. Some Korg and E-max samplers, but I record in sound studios and they have a bunch of equipment I couldn't begin to tell you about    

Musical Background -Influences

    How did you get started playing music?

My mother was a piano teacher and I was so young I  really can't remember when I started, but I was performing on stage at the age of 4 and on TV at the age of 7. I always claim I didn't know any better this is all I've ever known.

    What has influenced your music the most?

I've found the internet and the people I've met on the internet opening up a whole different view, avenues and ideas recently.

Music And Internet Marketing

    How has the Internet effected you as a musician?

It gave me access to much of the world without leaving my house. The libraries of Alexandria at my finger tips. I have learned so much it is a wonderful thing. 

    When did you start marketing your music on the Internet?

In the past 5 yrs I have been actively using the internet to communicate to groups of people. 

   What has been the most effective way to market your music on the Internet?

Good question. I use the internet a lot not just to market because I sell a lot of albums live and in stores , but for market research, development of ideas, getting peoples opinion, feedback and for business contacts.    

Musicians And The Future

    What does the future hold for you?

        I won't know until it finds me. I am always playing, performing, writing and recording.  I try to keep an open mind and have fun doing what I'm doing. I hope to do so until I die

    Finally, is there anything else you want to say about yourself?

Music is a gift. It was a gift to me and it is my gift to you.
love and peace

We all have a song inside us it tells us who we are.
Mitakuye Oyasin !! (we are all related)
Witsatologi nihi! ~Many blessings to you~ -----------------------> Artist Page  <----------------Personal Bio and purchase Album 
If you have a Broadband connection here is a video "Loons in the Moonlight"
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*.* Flute Songs For A Blue Moon The Debut Recordings By Acclaimed Flutist John DeBoer on OMG Recordings Oyate Music Group Recordings is very proud to welcome John De Boer to the label. A wonderfully talented musican and composer, the flute music of John De Boer and his debut recording "Flute Songs For A Blue Moon" is certainly a welcome addition and we are honored to have this acclaimed artist and his music available exclusively from OMG Recordings. John De Boer (Spirit of Thunder) John De Boer has been a professional musician for over 20 years. A multi-talented composer and entertainer, John has been performing on stage and national television since he was four years old. He holds a degree in fine arts and is a certified music teacher. Still, John mostly plays "by ear", believing that music theory and sheet music are a mere guide, a "road map" to assist a person in finding the music which resides inside of each of our souls. " Music is not just something that he does… music is everything that he is.... " John De Boer has played with or fronted for many well known artists such as Chubby Checker, The Crystals, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Henry Lee Summers, Johnny Paycheck, Lou Cristie, Billy Joe Royal, John Anderson, Merle Hagert, and many more. John's original flute songs are composed and inspired while playing in natural surroundings by waterfalls or a river. The Native American flute sings and echoes in the valleys while the birds whisper melodies in the wind as the magic flutes plays. The inclusion of these types of sonic backgrounds on his latest release, " Flute Songs for a Blue Moon" (available exclusively through Oyate Music Group Recordings) is a testament to these inspirations, taking the listener on a journey of magical explorations with the Native American Flute. John De Boer's music is played from his heart, and when you hear his songs you can tell they were born from deep within his soul. John De Boer (Spirit of Thunder) Flute Songs for a Blue Moon (OMG 5010-1)

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